The CIC certificate issued by Corvin Laboratory is an internationally recognised, precise and reliable gemological report. Our laboratory uses the most advanced equipment for the identification and analysis of gemstones, applying the highest international gemological standards.

To provide the highest levels of protection the CIC report is integrated with nine different security features. You can verify the authenticity of the CIC report by performing the following inspections:

Special features: The certification bears a unique identifier, signature and the embossed logo of Corvin Plc. The hologram on the document is damage-free, multi-coloured and of high quality.

Graphical elements: The report is printed in gold and the graphic elements are properly matched to the background graphics. The gold background text behind the result should be intact.

Other components: You can read the microtext on several parts of the report at 10x magnification. The QR code on the certificate is functional, the bar-code is working. Each report has a unique serial number with six digits and two additional digits after one letter.

The presence of additional security features can be checked by our experts.

If you feel that your CIC report is not authentic, please contact your supplier.

The purpose of detailed regulation is to minimize the subjective choices of the individual, creating a report that is consistent and reliable. The CIC is following the 4C grading system in many aspects and doing it according to strict rules. Certifying a diamond is important for several reasons:

1. Quality Assurance: A diamond certification provides an independent and objective evaluation of the diamond's quality and characteristics. It assures buyers that the diamond they are purchasing meets certain standards of quality, authenticity, and value.

2. Verification of Identity: A diamond certification serves as a verification of the diamond's identity, ensuring that it is a natural diamond and not a synthetic or imitation stone.

3. Transparency: A diamond certification provides transparency and clarity in the diamond buying process. It helps buyers make informed decisions and compare diamonds based on their quality and characteristics.

4. Resale Value: A certified diamond has a higher resale value than an uncertified one. The certification provides assurance to future buyers that the diamond is of a certain quality and has been evaluated by an independent third party.

5. Insurance: A diamond certification provides proof of ownership and value, making it easier to obtain insurance coverage for the diamond.


1. AUTHENTICATION: When the stone arrives at our laboratory, we start the analysis by checking its authenticity. For larger diamonds, we use advanced fluorescence spectroscopy technology developed by GIA, while smaller sizes are authenticated using Yehuda or Ogi's technology.

2. THE ā€˜4Cā€™ ANALYSE: After the authenticity check, we analyse the weight, cut, clarity and color of the diamond according to the 4C system developed by GIA.

3. ISSUING THE CIC Certificate: After the inspection, we will issue a CIC international certification, which will contain all the necessary information about the stone.
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Our service is only available to jewellers. If you have any further questions about our report, please contact your representative.

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